Charlotte Davies (theelephant) wrote in luscr,
Charlotte Davies

Term 1 Update

This term has been fantastic for LUSCR. After a successful Freshers' Fayre we recruited three freshers who could already ring, and several other willing to learn!

Our 48th Annual Dinner was well attended, by current members and alumni.

We successfully represented Leeds at the
Northern Universities Association weekend in Warwick, bring home some silverware. Our exteremely cool hoodys got us noticed at the NUA, as did our t-shirt design.

We have been successfully published in the Ringing World three times since July, with a general report on ringing at Leeds, and reports of both our Give it A Go Sessions.

We have successfully formed an allegience with York, and welcome them to our practice every 3rd Monday, and go and visit them on the first Sunday of every Month. Combining talent has been a huge help to our progression.

Ringing practices have been well attended, and all members have progressed well. The usual social events like curry nights, theatre visits, cinema visits and pub trips have all been well supported!
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