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Charlotte Davies


Ringing with a University Band, it is not often that when faced with a choice, my compatriots choose early mornings over afternoons so it was with great surprise that I came to be leaving Leeds at 9am, with a car full of somnolent ringers.

We joined the Yorkshire Association (YACR) at Saltaire and my passengers awoke, eager to ring. For some of us, talking to long lost friends was much more important! Our fundraising officer, Dot Connellan, made the most of the queue of people and started selling our fundraising quizes.

We progressed onto Otley, where the challenge of Yorkshire Tail ends awaited us. Although visiting a tower with Yorkshire Tails always invokes complaints from our band, the standard of ringing seems unaltered. Whilst ringing down, I did wonder if anyone has ever managed to knock themselves out with the tail end, as the tail end did hit my head a few times! But that’s because I can’t ring down properly yet.

Despite Ed Brightman’s excellent navigation, we arrived at Ilkley far too late to ring there, so did what LUSCR do best- we went to the pub where Rebecca Farrelly introduced us to the delights of raspberry beer! After a nice picnic, we left for Ainderby Steeple, deserting YACR for LUSCR.

At Ainderby we were met by the rest of LUSCR who’d gone for the staying in bed/working option of missing out on the YACR trip, and some of the local ringers. Our learner, Jen Taylor, was very confused on moving from the 3rd to the 4th, to find that the fourth was lighter than the third!

Moving on to Northallerton Lucy Mathers experienced her first ring on 10, ably guided by many Northallerton ringers. Our band then parted ways with some returning to Leeds, some visiting the pub for some more beer and the hardcore ringers ringing a quarter with some Northallerton ringers.

Our final ringing delight was the plant pots at Romanby Green. Plain Hunt on 8 didn’t go particularly well, so we quit while we were ahead, and went . . . to the pub for some beer!

Through Sunday service ringing, we were distracted by thoughts of our visit to the Theakston’s Brewery in Masham - a very good tour! Eventually, we wended our weary way back to Leeds. Thank you to Jon Glahome for organising the trip.

During ringing on Monday, LUSCR got another surprise. A past LUSCR member wanted to come and visit LUSCR. Although Viv couldn’t ring any more, his method knowledge was still spot on, so he made an excellent ‘stander byer’ and we much appreciated his help.

Charlotte Davies

LUSCR President

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