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Charlotte Davies


I had to write something about LUSCR for the University's Celebrate magazine. It wasn't printed, but this is what I wrote:

Being in charge of an unusual society as LUU Change Ringers brings about its own unique highs and lows. I've tried hard to think of a low of running LUSCR, and all my initial thoughts have turned into highs! Coming last and penultimate in the Northern Universities Association striking competition wasn't my most proud momment, but I was immensely proud that our numbers have swelled so much that we were able to enter two teams. People refusing to learn new methods hasn't been easy, but they've compromised by improving on what they can ring.
Perhaps one of the highs was being asked (albeit jokingly) for my autograph, after a three page article on LUUSCR appeared in colour on the front page of the weekly bell ringing magazine, the Ringing World! At last, LUUSCR achieved worldwide fame!
Together, this year's committee have organised many social events, completed many ringing projects (new carpet, new wheels), increased LUUSCR's profile, improved ringing, and enabled many people to reach personal ringing milestones.
Being part of LUUSCR is more than being part of a society - members of other ringing socities have often remarked that we all know everything about everyone. LUUSCR, if you want to get fully involved, is a family and a best friend all rolled into one. There is always ringing, somewhere, and there is always someone to go ringing with, or to have a ringing social with. Members of LUUSCR are never alone, and I feel very proud to have been given the opportunity to organise opportunities for LUUSCR friendships to extend.
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