Charlotte Davies (theelephant) wrote in luscr,
Charlotte Davies


The Picnic

Well, my year as social secretary has not exactly got off to a great start. My first social was cancelled due to lack of support. But the second one went a bit better. Well, that was, until the heavens opened and ruined all of my plans.

It was intended that we went and had a picnic in the grounds of the very picturesque Kirkstall Abbey. As it was, the picnic happened in my kitchen, and a jolly time was had by all eight of us. Somehow, we managed to consume THREE boxes of cocktail sausages!!! Not quite sure how that happened. Lots of other savoury stuff, and then cake also disappeared.

JB managed to sit in the corner and consume rather a lot of beer, and later admitted that he fancied TWO members of LUSCR. How exciting! Sadly, no other repeatable gossip was elicited.

Anyhoo. I hope everyone that came enjoyed themselves, and we shall just have to see about some more socials in the near future.


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